Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Muffin's cat tunnel

Muffin's Cat Tunnel
June 2002

3 9" craft metal rings
size K hook
3 8 oz. skeins of yarn
(if want bigger tunnel will need more yarn)and if you want a larger circumference use 12" rings or smaller rings less yarn and so on
Embellishments for tunnel if your cat likes them..
Like tying catnip toy to dangle at end of tunnel...

Round 1: With first ring and using 3 strands of yarn throughout, attach yarn to ring, ch 1, ~76 sc around. slip stitch in first sc.(~aprox. you can make it as tight as you the stitches will be the same through the length of tunnel.)

Round 2: Ch 2, dc in next sc and around.(ch 2 is first dc now and throughout pattern.)slip stitch to beg ch 2.

Round 3: Ch 2, dc in next dc and around. slip stitch in 2nd ch of beg ch 2.

Round 4: Ch 3, (counts as first Tr), Tr in next dc and around. slip stitch in 3rd ch of beg ch 3.

Rounds 5 -13: rep rounds 3 and 4 consecutively.

Round 14: Rep round 3
Round 15: Ch 1, attach second hoop by sc around hoop.

Round 16: rep round 3

Rounds 17 - 27: Rep rounds 3 and 4 consecutively.

Round 28: rep round 3

Round 29: Ch 1, attach 3rd hoop by sc around hoop.

You can continue on to another hoop if you want. This tunnel can compact and you can take it anywhere..


elaine.triquetra said...

really love the tunnel, would never have even thought of that. Very creative. Where do you get the hoops?

Anonymous said...

I just finished one of these for my cats, it was my first crochet project and it was very, very easy. The pattern is great, the cats love it. Thanks so much!

Woodhill design said...

You can buy the hoops at any local craft store or even online... I bought mine at Walmart!...

sumik said...

Would it be difficult to enclose one end of the tunnel?

Purple Jenn said...

This looks so EASY! why hadn't I thought of it??? lol, so glad you did! I look forward to starting one of these, AFTER Christmas, ha ha!

sumik: I think you could just make a circle, and sc to the end of it